Carrie Underwood “Blown Away Tour”

Carrie Underwood “Blown Away Tour” Kicks off Sept 14

The time to get blown away again is finally here. And people are lining up to be part of it.

Carrie Underwood will kick off her “Blown Away” tour this September 14 at Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester, New Hampshire. After that, the multi awarded singer and American Idol Season 4 winner will be on the road for 53 more concert dates that will last deep into the Christmas season.

If you can still remember, the tour was announced last May as part of the Grammy Award singer’s promotional works for her fourth album, the aptly titled “Blown Away”. The album contains some excellent materials, and I’m sure that they will translate to even better live performances as well.  The lineup of songs in the concert is sure to include Carrie’s 15th number one single “Good Girl” from the same album, aside from other top hits from her earlier albums.

While it is Carrie who will headline the show, her supporting casts are no pushover either. Former America’s Most Talented Kids standout Hunter Hayes has been tapped to be the show’s opening act.

But, if the intention of the album and concert’s title is to remind us how good Carrie is, then it is at least seven years late. And, that depends on whether you watched her exciting performances at the American Idol or only started to love her after her debut album “Some Hearts” barged into sales charts and started smashing sales records.

The fans are not the only ones who are excited of the upcoming Carrie Underwood tour. The Grammy Award singer mentioned in one of her interviews that she’s very excited to be on the road again.

“I can’t wait to get back out on the road and perform new music from my new album for my fans,” Carrie explains. “We have a lot of exciting things planned!”

This un-tempered enthusiasm is one that we come to expect from some struggling singer who’s out to perform for the first time, and not from someone who have made a living out of collecting awards and lining up multi platinum albums.

And that’s the beauty of this tour, and Carrie as a singer. “Blown Away” is the first album where she decided to really immerse herself in song writing, a fact that she is particularly proud of if only to show people that she is not afraid of criticisms.

“When you go in to write, you have to be willing to sound stupid,” the singer explains. “Before you have a chance to think about something, you blurt it out and it doesn’t make any sense, and everybody gets a good laugh out of it. You can’t be afraid to sound completely dumb when you go to write.”

To her credit, “Good Girl” doesn’t sound dumb or stupid at all.

Don’t forget the charitable aspect of the concert as well. Remember that when she announced the complete Carrie Underwood concert schedule 2012 last May, the singer also announced that she will be donating $1 to the Red Cross for every ticket sold in the North American leg of the tour. That was a nice gesture that will benefit a lot people serviced by Red Cross, and just another reason to watch out for the next concert date near your place.