What is Wicked about

What is Wicked about?

The Wicked musical is about a young girl whose name is Elphaba. She has green skin due to a potion from the Wizard that her mother drank while she was pregnant with her, which makes her extremely sad and upset. She feels that she is an outcast and nothing special. She is a very unusual-looking girl indeed. She is gifted with a sister,Nessa, but her sister is not green because her mother was given milkweed while pregnant to prevent the anomaly from occurring again. They both end up attending the Shiz academy for school, which is where they both have to look after one another.

Elphaba meets the beautiful, glittering, charming Glinda (the good witch of the north) at school, and after a while, having shown an amazing talent for magic, the two are chosen out of their class to become assistants to the great and powerful Wizard of Oz in the Emerald City. Upon their arrival, however, Elphaba and Glinda both see that the Wizard is not quite as good and wonderful as they had been told because he is separating all of the animals in Oz that talk from everyone else.

Elphaba does not agree with this at all, and is completely disgusted with the whole situation. She rebels and voices her opinion against the process. She decides that no matter what happens, she wants to protect the animals and citizens from the Wizard and his secret police. The Wizard is not at all pleased with this, and he decides that Elphaba is the “wicked” of the two witches. It comes out that her sister had been killed and her true love was stolen from her. She still refuses to back down and obey the wishes of the wizard, and is deemed a bad egg by society because of what the Wizard has made the people believe. His propaganda made Glinda the “good witch” and made Elphaba the “bad witch”. In the end, Elphaba turns decidedly wicked because of her sadness and sorrow. During the progression of this play, you do get to see how the Cowardly Lion, Tin Man, Scarecrow, and flying monkeys come to be as well.

Overall, I would recommend seeing this play or at least the recorded version on film if you can get your hands on it. There are lots of bits of back story in this play that would otherwise have gone unseen or unrealized without this play coming into existence.

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